Minimum Orders & Shipping

Minimum order is one case. Free shipping on 2+ cases anywhere in mainland US. We do ship internationally. We ship direct and are distributed by KeHE in Florida.


Please fill out a wholesale application to obtain wholesale prices.


We can provide terms with good credit for orders of 10+ cases. Net 21 days. Smaller orders are prepaid with credit card or e-check.

Case Sizes

Packaged for Restaurants: 60 wraps/case

Packaged for retail: 12 units/case. Each unit contains 5 wraps. Display should be via hang holes for maximum visibility.

Free Promotional Items

We have available posters, table tents, menu inserts. We will send "mini rounds" for passive in store demo. Promotional items are sent only upon request.


We are distributed by KeHE's St. Augustine, FL warehouse. If you want us distributed by KeHE or UnFI in your zone, please tell your sales rep. KeHE does not carry our foodservice wraps only retail units. If you purchase from KeHE please drop us an email so we can add you to our store finder and include you in our social media marketing. Email: Brandy with your store name website and address

Shelf Life

Shelf life is one year. Wraps should be kept unrefrigerated in your dry goods storage area.

Retail Display Locations

Butterfly hang holes on each bag for hanging display. Display areas; gluten free/food allergy section, raw food section, by fresh produce, near gourmet breads and baked goods, near the register.

Foodservice Proper Use

The wraps have no gluten as a binder, but still remain strong. However, use is a bit different from flour tortillas. Place a dry ingredient barrier like lettuce, cheese first, then your wet/moist/hot ingredients, followed by your liquid condiments & sauces. Wet liquids placed directly onto the wrap will cause perforation and sogginess.

Questions? Call us M-F 7 am - 3 pm EST